about us
Founded in 1997


Our mission is to select wineries wines that
represent the best of their regions and market
them with care and integrity to the US marketplace.

Our portfolio of wines encompasses the richness and intense style wines from Mendoza, Cafayate Valley, and Patagonia.

We are one of the largest wholesale distributors of Argentine wine in United States.

The company assumes a leadership position within the state’s alcoholic beverage industry, aggressively pursuing market share in all product categories with an emphasis on our supplier’s long term objectives and priorities. The company has a long term orientation with an underlying philosophy of satisfying consumer’s needs in Florida.

We are sales company, supported by initiatives, cost efficient operation and management system to fulfill these ideas. Being the importer and distributor of the wines, makes our prices more competitive.

Above all we are totally committed to offering to all of our customers the best possible service available.

Since 2010 Graziano Imports is providing fine wines to the Airlines and cruiseline industries based in the state of Florida! With our focused expertise in wine, coupled with our expert knowledge in distribution, shipping, and logistics (both for tax-paid and in-bond), Graziano Imports has earned itself excellent reputations and relationships with customers and suppliers as well.

We service the wine needs of customers throughout Florida via affiliated distributors with distribution facilities in Pensacola, Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando.

In addition, we are licensed to ship wines to wholesalers throughout the United States.


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10865 NW 29 Street
Miami, Florida-33172

Tel # 305-418-9498







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