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“We first met in 2004 with a shared passion for wine and the extraordinary beauty of this ancient land, Abruzzo. Both strongly tied to Italy, Antonella and I envisioned a piece of land here in Loreto Aprutino, where we could further plant our cultural roots with a vineyard, an olive tree orchard and a home. In 2007 we harvested our first vintage. Today, we source grapes and olives from leased properties in three distinct villages: Loreto Aprutino, Collecorvino and Città Sant’Angelo to offer to enthusiastic patrons.
We named our estate, Ilauri, for the inhabitants of our village. Coming from a hilltop covered in bay trees, Loreto Aprutino, was originally called Lauretum, coming from the Latin term for laurel grove or bay tree.” – Rodrigo Redmont
Italy’s last wilderness is Abruzzo. Considered Europe’s greenest region, the presence of man is documented since the Paleolithic era. Due to its morphological characteristics, the region was suitable for the first farmers. Over 10.000 years ago, the area discovered agriculture and breeding and began cultivating cereals: wheat, barley and spelt brought the birth of stable villages and the appearance in the daily life of ceramics.

Country Italy
Province Pescara
City Loreto Aprutino
  • TAVO


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